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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day!

For ages 6 to Adult!  

*Any guests under 6 will need an adult to sit with them.*


We would love to celebrate your birthday with you at Sew Studio!


Parties are $375 for 2.5 hours for up to 12 sewers (including the birthday child). Additional guests are $15 each.

Choose from many projects or let us find one to suit you. Take a look through Facebook or Instagram for ideas or ask us to email you age appropriate suggestions.


Our parties typically run as follows:

~30 minutes to get settled, have a lesson, and warm up on the machines.

~90 minutes to sew the project.

~30 minutes for food (ie: pizza, snacks, cake, etc.) If you are uncomfortable with eating inside, parents have gotten creative with sending individually wrapped cupcakes or treats home with the kids at the end of the party.

Guests provide all food and drink, we will provide plates, napkins, cups, knife, cutlery, the goodie bags, and, of course, the fun! 

Most parties are on the weekends at the following times: 9-11:30, 12-2:30, 3-5:30. We are open to weekdays, too!

Contact us for availability or questions!

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